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White silk pillowcase made from 100% natural silk, well known for its anti ageing & hypoallergenic properties
This mulberry white pillowcase works wonders for your hair, skin, and overall health as you enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep!

Mulberry Silk White Pillowcase | 100% Silk White Pillowcase | Silk White Pillowslip

22 Momme | 51cm x 76cm

Original price was: $79.Current price is: $49.


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Introducing the Flair pure mulberry white silk pillowcase.

Made from 100% natural silk, well known for its anti ageing and hypoallergenic properties.

This luxurious silk white pillowcase will reduce bed hair and split ends and help maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature in winter and summer.

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Original price was: $79.Current price is: $49.

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white mulberry silk pillow case
white mulberry silk pillowcase
white mulberry silk pillowcases
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Why should I consider using a Mulberry Silk White Pillowcase for my bedding?
Using a Mulberry Silk White Pillowcase not only adds a touch of luxury to your bedding but also offers benefits like reduced hair frizz and a smoother, cooler sleep surface.
Is a 100% Silk White Pillowcase suitable for people with sensitive skin?
Yes, a 100% Silk White Pillowcase is gentle on sensitive skin. Its smooth texture reduces skin irritation and helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles.
How does a Silk White Pillowslip enhance the quality of my sleep?
A Silk White Pillowslip provides a cool and comfortable sleep surface. Its natural temperature-regulating properties help you sleep better and wake up refreshed.
Can a Mulberry Silk White Pillowcase help extend the life of my hair extensions or styled hair?
Yes, a Mulberry Silk White Pillowcase reduces hair friction and tangling, making it ideal for extending the life of your hair extensions and preserving your styled hair.
Are 100% Silk White Pillowcases hypoallergenic and suitable for those with allergies?
Yes, 100% Silk White Pillowcases are hypoallergenic and naturally resistant to dust mites and allergens, making them an excellent choice for allergy sufferers.
How do I care for a Silk White Pillowslip to maintain its color and quality?
To care for your Silk White Pillowslip, follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer. Typically, it involves gentle hand washing or using a delicate cycle with mild detergent.
Can a Mulberry Silk White Pillowcase help reduce facial wrinkles and acne breakouts?
Yes, a Mulberry Silk White Pillowcase can reduce facial wrinkles by minimizing friction between your face and the pillowcase. It’s also less likely to trap oils and dirt that can cause acne breakouts.
Is a 100% Silk White Pillowcase compatible with standard-sized pillows, or do I need a specific size?
A 100% Silk White Pillowcase is typically designed to fit standard-sized pillows, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit.
Can I expect better sleep quality when using a Silk White Pillowslip?
Yes, a Silk White Pillowslip’s softness and temperature-regulating properties contribute to better sleep quality, helping you wake up feeling more rested.
Is a Mulberry Silk White Pillowcase a stylish addition to my bedding, enhancing the overall aesthetic of my bedroom?
Absolutely! A Mulberry Silk White Pillowcase adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to your bedding, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your bedroom.

3 reviews for Women’s Silk Pyjamas | Mulberry Silk Pajamas | Luxury Pyjama Set

  1. jakmom

    Quality silk pj’s at an affordable price are really hard to come by! These are beautiful and love the style

  2. Dodie Ann

    This is an extremely beautiful, very silky pj!

  3. Kristy S

    These are literally the best pajamas I’ve ever worn. I bought them as a birthday present for myself and they are AMAZING.

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